Friday, December 10, 2010

Freeware PPC: MyWeight

This freeware for PPC can help you to track of your body weight and BMI. Here is what the author said:

MyWeight is a mobile application for those of you who want to keep their daily weight records under control. Comparing them against Body Mass Index (BMI) you are immediately informed if you are doing good or bad with your mass.

- record your daily weight (and height if still growing up) with a short info when necessary
- present your records on a chart with a time range option
- manage several profiles for more people records
- multi-language support (currently English and Polish)
- support for imperial (lbs/in) and metric (kg/cm) units
- import and export functions to transfer data between the application and csv file format

To download, click here:
The website seems to be have bugs, I can't open web pages directly.

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