Monday, December 13, 2010

What is Pale Moon?

I found some pageviews are from Pale Moon, so I went to google it to find out what is that. And I found this:

So, Pale Moon is custom-built and optimized Firefox browsers for Windows Operating Systems. The people at Pale Moon claimed that it is 25% faster than the regular FireFox. Other features:
* Highly optimized for current processors
* 100% Firefox sourced: As safe as the browser that has seen years of development.
* Uses slightly less memory because of disabled redundant and optional code
* Significant speed increases for page drawing and script processing
* Support for SVG and Canvas, downloadable fonts, WOFF and some HTML5
* Support for Firefox extensions, themes and personas
* Support for OOPP (Out-of-process plugin execution)
* Able to use existing Firefox profiles, bookmarks and settings

I downloaded the portable version at here: If you are using Athlon XP, please download this:

Here is the print screen on my laptop:

Remember to donate (thru the donate button at end of the main page of if you like the software.

Verdict: I got a very slow broadband at home, so don't see the different between Palemoon and FireFox. Do you see any different?

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