Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Quad-core for your phone?

Sources said that NVIDIA going to have quad-core Tegra processors for smartphone. Okay, the sources is NVIDIA itself this time. So what you want to do with quad-core?

Even on dekstop (read pc), most of the software can't even make use of quad-core or dual-core. So what do you need quad-core on your smartphone? I can think of a few now:
1. convert AVI to RMVB :P
2. render 3D movie :P
3. do items 1 and 2 at same time
...... =_=

Come on people, why don't you make a smartphone that do all the stuffs (phone call, text, surf net, fb, twit, etc etc) all day long but need only need a charge once a week?

What do you think? Anything else you want to do with your smartphone if it has quad-core?

p/s: quad-core here mean 4 processors, all current smartphone has only 1 processor.

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