Thursday, December 9, 2010

Freeware PPC: PocketTwit

Ah... Good people still writing good apps for WinMo. This time is Twitter client for Windows Mobile. They called it PocketTwit and yes it is 101% free. See some demo on YouTube:

Features (I copied and paste from their website :P ):

* A unique user interface
* Works on VGA, QVGA and SmartPhone (yes, non-touch screen devices!) devices
* Support for multiple twitter and accounts
* User groups to help manage your friends updates
* "Conversation View" shows a what this status was in reply to.
* Uses standard notifications to alert you of new friends statuses or replies
* Keeps an addressbook to easily add usernames to posts.
* URL shortening with
* Integration with for tweets longer than 140 characters
* Take photos and send to TwitPic, mobypicture, pikchur, twitgoo, or yfrog
* Preview images from those services without a browser.
* Integrated
* Quote (re-tweet) or email a status
* Clickable @names, URLs, and #Hashtags
* Option to check for new version on startup
* Themes
* Implemented OAuth for Twitter

To download, go to:

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