Monday, March 26, 2012

Earth Hour Promotions That Is Not Earth Friendly

While I try my best to just keep my posts to PC, Smartphone, websites and any related to technology, I just can't reject to post this picture.

Anything can be commercialize, in this case the Earth Hour. A restaurant in KL is doing a Earth Hour Set at Earth Hour day.
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  1. How are you going to eat with lights off during Earth Hour? Well, it might be candle light dinner.
  2. How does eating smoked salmon help Earth Hour? The salmon already smoked, I am helping the Earth to clean it up.
  3. How does eating Ocean Bass help Earth Hour? These fishes are shitting all over the ocean, I am doing my part to wipe it out.
  4. How does eating chicken help Earth Hour? Chicken are a very noisy species, it cause sound pollution.
What do you do during that Earth Hour? Shut the light? 
Well, I am not going to do that. Because I am saving the electricity everyday, I am not going to switch off light on that hour because everyone is doing that. The power stations going to burn the same amount of coal/gas/any non-renewable energy even you all switch off the light! 
If you really want to help the Earth, do switch off the light and electrical appliances that you not longer needed, everyday. And also do recycle/reuse/renew.
DO NOT DO IT only at Earth Hour only that has been commercialized.
Every hour is Earth Hour, save the planet!

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