Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Recover or Repair Windows 7 Aero Feature

At the other day, I was working with many windows, and suddenly my laptop screen just flash and flick and flash again and the Aero features gone and I get the basic Windows 7 colors. When I say "many windows", I really mean it:

  • 3 Windows Explorer windows
  • one X2 Windows Explorer
  • one Q-Dir Windows Explorer
  • MS Outlook with 5 or more emails opened
  • one notepad
  • IE with 5 tabs opened
  • Chrome with about 70 tabs [crazy]
  • FireFox with 3 tabs and Scrapbook is download a page
  • MS OneNote
  • MS Powerpoint
  • MS Words with 3 words documents opened
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • and other windows that I can't recall

So to recover the Aero feature on Windows 7, I tried all the methods that recommended by famous websites and forums, I listed them here so that you can try your luck first with this list:

  • Method 1: Click Windows button and type "Aero" in "Search programs and files" box, click on "Find and fix problems with transparency and otehr visual effects", click "yes" for permission, click "next" to let it troubleshoot and fix the problem. It should fix whatever problem it can find. [however this don't fix my problem]
  • Method 2:  Refresh Index Score, select a high-contrast theme and then select your previously saved theme that has Aero  [this don't fix my problem]
  • Method 3:  Restart Desktop Windows Manager by execute these 2 lines in command prompt (with admin permission)  [this don't fix my problem]
    • net stop uxsms
    • net start uxsms
  • Method 4:  Control Panel > System > Advanced system settings > Performance > Settings > Visual Effects. Choose the "Adjust for best performance", wait for it to change the windows style and then choose "Adjust for best appearance" and wait for it again.  [this don't fix my problem]

All above and many others steps I tried, but all of didn't work for me, so final step and the best one I would think:
1. Save all the works
2. Close all the windows
3. Restart

Yes, after restart Windows 7, everything back to normal with Aero feature.

Next time when I see this problem, I will just go for a restart, it could be much much faster than trying out all the methods listed above. :-)

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source: I wrote this with research on google, heheh

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