Friday, March 30, 2012

Smartpet - Powered by Smartphone

Smartpet is designed by Bandai which created Tamagotchi, the famous keychain-sized virtual pet simulation game which sold over 76 million as of 2010.

Now, since it is called Smartpet, there should be a CPU inside it? Wrong. It uses Smartphone, a.k.a iPhone in this case to control it via an apps.

See the video demo of Smartpet:

More detail of Smartpet, again in Japanese, but the video is clearly show that how the Smartpet and iPhone with the apps works together.

The apps will be available on Mar 31, the robot dog body will be available one week after. The robot dog will be selling at ¥6,500 (~USD 79 or ~RM 240). I might get it if it accept android.
What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

This is the great product of Bandai which is most recent innovation of technology. Just need an iPhone to convert the smartpet as robotic dog. I like it very much.I have found that PIJ provide one of them. Just ordered it and can't wait to get this.

ahsiang said...

@Aminul Islam, thanks for sharing PIJ. I never know there is such a service. Shopping time!

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