Thursday, July 5, 2012

Build Your Own Match Rocket

It is July 4th in US, meaning fireworks time! I remembered it was a fun experience to see so much of fireworks everywhere when I was at California for a few month during a work assignment few years back. Even though I am in Malaysia now, but I read news from US more than from Malaysia. Most of the reader of this blog are from US, follow by Malaysia. :)

This video show you how to build your own rocket with matches. It should cost less than a dolar. And hopefully it is not breaking any local law. Please google your local law before you proceed to buy the stuffs for building the rocket. I know it should be legal to own matches in Malaysia and US. :P

Please be extra careful when you want to try it. I am not responsible if you burn down a house/building/forest because of this video. Do it at your own risk.

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