Thursday, July 19, 2012

Travel with Offline Map Apps

How many time you left your smartphone at home when go for travel? Never!

Only just a few years ago, when smartphone is not as good as computer replacement, some people would bring along their laptop when going for travel. But as you know "how light" is the weight of laptop at the time, even with the lightest one. Nowadays the smartphone as good as a computer, except the screen still smaller, but surfing internet, facebook, tweet, watch movie, everything that you need on a computer. In fact, iPhone and Android have more interesting apps than PC and Mac. Of course PC and Mac have more useful software, but for interesting apps, iPhone and Android still the best. is website the provide travel guide for free. Now they even offer their apps what works offline for free! When I went to Tokyo on April this year, I was using TripAdvisor which also offer tips and advise that works offline as well. We need to know that data roaming is very expensive for most of the country. The cheapest data roaming being offered in Malaysia is RM30++ (~US$10) per day!

Right now covered 117 cities, including cities in Asia such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Istanbul. That is much better than TripAdvisor which offers not more than 20 cities if not mistaken. I wish will cover Osaka, and the cities at central to south of Japan, because that is my next destination. :)

See the video of what can help to plan your next trip.

Wish you have nice trip. :) link:

Direct link to apps on Google Play:

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