Friday, July 6, 2012

Evolution of Formula 1 Car

Formula 1, it was one of my favourite sport for a few years. Until I found out it is way too time consuming for me. I wonder how I wasted a few hours every few weeks starring at the TV screen, watching a bunch of cars driving down the circuit in one direction only, over and over again for at least 40 or 50 rounds. That did not improved my driving skill at all. It is better to watch WRC, it is more to daily driving, if you are always off-road kind of driver. :P

Anyway, someone created this video about evolution of Formula 1 Car. Starting from 1950 until 2012. The top left is how the steering wheel looks like, just beside to the steering wheel is the number of pistons (or the type of engine: V6, V8, V12, V whatever).

Finish watching? Get back to work now! Today is Friday and pretty sure you have some due dates to meet. :P
Have a nice weekend btw.

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