Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Waste Time Tuesday: rock-paper-scissors overlord

Hey hey, looks like I have not posted any waste time post on Tuesday before. (If you found it, let me know please, because I have almost 700 posted since Jul 2009). Now here is one, heheh.

Let me introduce you to the overlord of rock-paper-scissors, the machine that will never lose on rock-paper-scissors. I could think of a few circumstances that it will lose:
1. Unplug it's power source :P
2. Block the camera which act as the input of this machine.
3. Play with it from the angle that the camera cannot see you clearly.
4. Show the rock-paper-scissors by very very small movement only.

Okay, enough bull****. The fact: Ishikawa Oku Laboratory of The University of Tokyo create this rock-paper-scissors overload, it uses it's camera to analyze human hand movement and reacts within 1 milisecond. I wonder if it can beat the champion of rock-paper-scissors world championship.

Anyway, here is the waste time video:

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source: youtube!

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