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How to Get More Likes on Facebook Page

Yesterday my ex-cubemate suddenly ping me on WLM (Windows Live Messenger). So I start to reply her out of courtesy. After a few rounds of Q&A, she asked me to like her FB page. Actually I have already received email from Facebook that asked me to view or like the page. I know what path she is going through and I have been there. So I start to offer some methods however since she was on smartphone, not computer, so it was very inconvenient to switch between apps. Okay, on a side note, why not consider a better smartphone my friend? :)

I have been going through some difficult paths to get more likes on my Facebook page. I will list out all of them and the good and bad of each of them. Here we go:

  1. The very first method that Facebook suggest us to get more likes on our Facebook page is send out notification to friends in our personal Facebook account. 
    • $: free
    • Good: Some of your friends would support you and liked the Facebook page for you
    • Bad: Most of the your friends will ignore the notification
    • My thought: this is the worst method! Unless you are the marketing director and you ask all of your 100 over people that work for you to like the Facebook page.
  2. Email/Skype/MSN/WLM/YM/Whatsapp/etc (whatever communication method) your friends and family, and ask (beg) them to like your Facebook page.
    • $: free
    • Good: Some nice friends would like your Facebook page. Family members could or could not like your Facebook page.
    • Bad: You have to beg and beg with each of them. Time Consuming.
    • My thought: Asking favor from other, in return you have to spend more time to response to the favor asked by them.
  3. Buy Facebook Page Likes
    • Yes, if you google "buy Facebook likes", you will find more than hundreds of website/organization are offering this kind of service.
    • $: expensive
    • Good: Number of Facebook page Likes increase very fast!
    • Bad: again, it is expensive to use this method
    • Another Bad: is the Likes are by true users? Will the Like disappear over night after a while (assuming the Likes are from fake users).
    • My thought: this is the most expensive method. Why not give out some freebies or organize a lucky draw for those that liked your Facebook page. Majority of the internet users always like some freebies. 
  4. Reciprocity
    • According to Wiki: Reciprocity in social psychology refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions.
    • According to me: I help you, you help me in return. :)
    •  $: free
    • Good: the Facebook page Likes that you get is real
    • Bad: some Liked Facebook page to get points, they will unlike after a while. This method also very time consuming.
    • My thought: some of the website that offering this system usually use point system. You pay out points for others to like your Facebook page or visit website or G+ or view YouTube video. You will earn points by liking others Facebook page, visit websites and etc. If you feel frustrated with slow pace, you can always buy points with money, which become similar to 3rd method.
  5. Advertisement in Facebook
    • Spend some money to expose your Facebook page to targeted audience.
    • $: very low investment
    • Good: Very easy to target your desired audience, and performance of each ads can be monitor.
    • Bad: Need to learn how to write Facebook ads.
    • My thought: Very cost effective and the controlability of the ads. We can manage the cost of it as well.
The most important thing with Facebook page is engagement with audience, as well as the content of the page. There will be little Likes if there is no content or no engagement with the Facebook users.

In summary, it is up to you to choose which method that suite you well. Below are some of the links for method no.4:
Add Me Fast
You Like Hits
Get By Hit

Good luck!

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