Monday, July 30, 2012

Free Stock Image Worth over $5000

There is a problem for blogger or web writer that is picture. If you are posting your own pictures then should be no problem at all. But for most of us, we don't write stuffs about our-self only, we write topic for the benefit of others and pictures would be a big problem. I always go to look for pictures in google, you can use the advanced search to filter out those that need to be pay, and left with free for commercial use. However, usually there are very few quality pictures we can use. There are other free picture website but you still have to filter out those with copy right. It took some times to do it every time you write a post, and that is very troublesome.

I found a collection of 1000+ royalty-free photos. According to the website if each photo worth $5, it would be over $5000 worth of photos, free for everyone!

You can download the sample of the collection in low resolution to see if they are worth it to download all of them in full resolution. I am in progress of downloading the full resolution by the way.

The preview links:

For the full resolution, go to this link for all of them:

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