Monday, July 9, 2012

How to Reply to Invitees Who Accepted in Outlook

Few days ago I wanted to send an email to those invitees that accepted my meeting request. The meeting request was scheduled in Outlook and it was being forwarded to other departments. Outlook don't have the feature of just replying to invitees that accepted. The only option is to reply to all, meaning those that never response to the meeting request will also receive your email. Personally I dislike the actions by some people that "reply all" without filtering the recipient.
So how to avoid it?

After some research (google, what else?), I found the best solution.

Before I put down the solution, this is the method that I used.
1. Click "Reply to All" on the meeting request, but do not send the email out yet.
2. Open the meeting again, click on the "Tracking" on the ribbon.
3. Go through the list and remove those names with response are "None" or "Declined" from the email.
Boy, this is very painful even with less than 30 names.

Okay, here is the best solution.

Solution on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

Note: for this to works, you need to enable "Request Responses" for the meeting request. This should be the default setting unless you turn it off for some reason.

1. After you sent out the meeting request, you will getting "Meeting Response" from invitees.
2. Open any of the "Meeting Response" of the same meeting request, copy the list of emails/names that in the "Accepted" row.
3. Start a new email, paste the list into the To or CC box.

That's it. No problem and less hassle.

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source: I wrote this with some research (google!)

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