Friday, July 13, 2012

SSH and SFTP for free [Geek]

Okay, it is not only for geek. If you want to transfer files between servers in different domain, or between your friends or family, in secure way, SFTP is a must. The first "S" on SSH and SFTP means secure.

I used to use putty. Someone told me to try SilverSHielD.

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I don't care what kind of feature it has, what I want are SSH and SFTP only.

There are Pro and free version (as always), free version only allow 3 simultaneous connections from a single client and not for commercial purpose. If you want use for commercial, you should buy Pro version, which cost US$39.95.

Anyway, SilverSHielD is free forever and k2sxs going to give you free upgrade forever! (or until the company close down or take over by some other company :P)

SFTP in progress:
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For more detail/download, go to:

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