Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bandizip: just another zip or power house?

Zip zip zip. Sometime if you tell a co-worker to compress a file, he/she would look at you and show you a face of "that the **** you are talking about". However if you say zip it, then everyone know what to do.

WinZip probably the most popular compression software on Windows. But I don't like it. It was because at that time:
  • it tried too hard to change the interface to be too fancy
  • it doesn't support Chinese or Asian characters
  • it doesn't support rar and gz (common zip format in unix/linux)
Even though it already improved, but ever since I switch to 7-Zip, I never look back. Every time I change a new computer or laptop or install a new Windows, one of the first software to install is 7-Zip. 7-Zip don't have any fancy interface, but I don't care, what I care is the features and easy to use.

Recently I found Bandizip. It claimed that it can be better than WinZip and 7-Zip. Here is why (taken from Bandizip website):
  Extracting .z01OOOX
  Extracting .part1.rarOOOO
  Extracting 7zip.001OXXO
  Extracting zip.001OOXO
  Changing Code PageOXXX
  Fast Drag&DropOXXX
  High Speed ArchivingOXXX
  Multi-core CompressionOOOO

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There are installation and portable version for Windows (yeah) as well as Mac OS X. And yes, it is free.

Go to Bandizip official website for more detail:

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