Sunday, July 29, 2012

Caffeine: coffee for PC?

This Caffeine is not Starbucks or instant coffee. This Caffeine is a simple program to keep your PC or laptop awake.
Here are the situations I can think of that this Caffeine could useful:
1. you are using someone else laptop/PC, the sleep time on this laptop/PC could just a few minutes and if you are doing a presentation on it, it will be very annoying if every few minutes you need to shake the mouse to get it up from screen off or sleep mode.
2. you are day-dreaming in office, but you don't want the boss to notice it because the screen will be turn-off.
3. some websites will expire if your screen is off and locked, you want the website thinks you are still on it, even though you are not there.

Caffeine might be useful in these situation.
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How it works? Simple, by emulating pressing of F15 key. F15 does not exist on most of the keyboard, therefore it will not change your program or anything, but keep the computer/laptop/PC awake. You can also change the default setting to something else, but you have to do it using switches and launch it via command prompt. You can also make a .bat file with the switches that you want and double click on the .bat file every time you want to keep your PC/laptop awake.

Get your Starbucks for your PC/laptop here:

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