Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mario in HTML5

I was messing around with JoliCloud on the other day and found this website. The author of this webpage converted Mario from somewhere else into HTML5, probably the original game is in flash.

Mario is a never dying casual game, man and woman from 3 to 93 years old also like it (or hate it) somehow, either on Nintendo, to flash on internet, to iPad/iPhone apps, at some point of their life.

Mario in HTML5 on Oudated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

The loading is quit fast. And game play was very smooth. To find if your web browser can support it, go to this link to try out:

I tried it on Chrome (rev 16), FireFox 8.0 and FireFox 9.0.1, all of them no problem with this HTML5. However IE8 unable to support it.

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