Monday, January 23, 2012

Why stop SOPA?

Happy Lunar New Year! Today is the first day of Water Dragon Lunar New Year.
To know more about Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, check out these wiki:

However if SOPA being implemented, we might not getting website service like youtube and wiki. It will be an ice age of Internet.

Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal explains it, in a simple way [warning! not safe for kids]:
SOPA / PIPA in animated GIF form

If SOPA being implemented, meaning you will not able to see any of this kind of video available at youtube and I will not able to write any waste time post anymore, sigh.

Here are example of video that will be banned if SOPA being implemented:
Empire Strike Back songs by dogs:

Farting Squirrel commercial:

Reddit user made this video:

Btw, Megaupload has been shutdown by FBI, and SOPA was not even being use for the shutdown.

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source: video from youtube, animated gif from

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