Monday, January 16, 2012

New usage of PVC - waste time post :P

Even though PVC has been slowly remove from certain parts of the world, it is still popular in many developing countries, because it is very cheap to manufacture and many other politically advantages.

When I was small, I did play with PVC to make some noise, but someone could make music out of it. Don't believe? Watch this Angry Birds music:

Kent Jenkins made the PVC instrument and play some nice music with it. See more music made by him:

And if you think you have time to waste on Tuesday, there is another one:

Go to his YouTube channel to see more:

If you have notice, he has his faux-twin to play with him. Meaning not a real twin, but using video editing software to combine 2 separate video files into one and sort of create a twin for himself. There are a lot of powerful software out there that can do this thing, let me do some planning to write something about free video editing software. Stay tune!

To know more about PVC, go to wiki:
Polyvinyl chloride

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