Tuesday, January 10, 2012

PC that cost 25 dolar only

Would you buy a PC that just the size of a credit card (thicker than credit card of course!) and it only cost you 25 dollar? Yes, 25 US Dollar. Better still, this PC can connect to TV/monitor/other display via USB2.0 or HDMI, capable of playing Quake and 1080p HD video. I don't mind to try it out.

Raspberry Pi (Pi is π ) is being developed by a NGO which is called Raspberry Pi. Got you, haha. Anyway, back to the topic.

This ultra-low-cost PC recently won an award at ARM TechCon, which aim to solve most of the costly PC problem in this world (sort of).

They are not selling the PC for making profit, all the money being put back into the business. And they don't mind other copy the design with hope that everyone and every company could develop clone of Raspberry Pi.

Here is a video of Eben, the Executive Director of Raspberry Pi Foundation explaining the product:

Personally I would think this is a very good product for education since conventional PC until nowadays still more than 100 dollar. If going forward all school can get this Raspberry Pi or clone with cost less than 25 dollar, more school kids can benefit from that.

Go to the website find out more detail:

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source: saw this at EE times

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