Sunday, January 15, 2012

Recuva - Another File Recovery Freeware

Recently I found another file recovery software, and yes, it is free. Recuva is made by the same company that made CCleaner. I used to use CCleaner a lot on older systems to make sure they are working as good as the new system.

No need to talk again about the file recovery on this software. But I wanted to point out that it can display the files that it can recover in different modes: tree view, file list view and best of all, thumbnail view.

Tree view:

File list view:

Thumbnail view:
Personally I think thumbnail view is the best to quickly find the files we want to recover, but there is a problem. What if family member or friend you are helping have some pictures that they don't want anyone to find out. That would be very awkward. You know what I mean. ;-)

Anyway, to completely remove a file from your harddisk, memory card or thumb drive, use this, all of these file recovery software should not able to recover it.
Get rid of file from PC/laptop forever

To download Recuva, go to this link:
For portable version, go to this link:
Portable version is being provided by

Here is a list of other file recover software and they are free.
PC Inspector
File Recovery Freeware by Brian Kato

One thing to note: if you want to have a better chance of recovering file that you deleted accidentally, do not do anything (copy file, save file, download file, shutdown, etc), because the empty space that being use by the file you just deleted might be overwritten with new data. So make sure you have Recuva or other file recovery software ready in your PC/laptop.

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