Sunday, January 1, 2012

Convert Your Typing Skill into Money with Captcha.Trader

Happy New Year Everyone! By the time this post is out in public, most of the countries in Eastern Hemisphere are in 2012, while the rest of countries are still in 2011.

Let's this blog start off with a making money post. A lot of us have somehow, somewhere and sometime in our life have played or seen Typing game or Typing training software. Either a freeware or a paid game or Facebook game, they are not really fun anyway, well, it was fun at beginning, but somehow we get bored and never touch the game or software again, unlike Angry Birds which can be pick up after long but still feel excited for it. :)

The service (or a product??) that I want to introduce to you is Captcha.Trader.

Let's understand Captcha first. Captcha has been widely use in file-server services, to prevent machine/robot or automatic scripts being use to occupied all the download bandwidth. Captcha also being use on some website to prevent spam comments by robot/scripts.

Captcha.Trader can be use in JDownloader and MiPony to help to automatically resolve captcha. I will cover JDownloader and Mipony in future post(s). Captcha.Trader also available for Android, WP7 and iOS!

Since captcha need human eye to solve it, so Captcha.Trader need real people to solve the captcha for they customers. Here's how it work:
1. We open an account at Captcha.Trader.
2. We earn credits by solving captcha for Captcha.Trader. Captcha.Trader will give us the captcha and we type the answer into Captcha.Trader.
3. Captcha.Trader allow us to cash the credit.

100 Captcha.Trader credit is equivalent to 1 cent (US Dolar). You can choose to cash out by Amazon gift card (minimum $5), or Paypal (minimum $2.50, or AlertPay (minimum $1).
Even though the money is small, but here a calculation you can refer to:
1. Every captcha that Captcha.Trader send is around 20 to 30 seconds. Let's take 30 seconds as worst case.
2. Average users need 7 seconds to solve it. Let's take 10 seconds into calculation as worst case.
3. If a person work at home, in front of computer for 8 hours, he or she can key-in 720 captcha.
[ (8*60*60)/(30+10) = 720 ]
4. Usually one captcha worth 7 credits. So 5040 credits.
[ 720 * 7 = 5040 ]
5. 5000 credits is worth $0.50. Looks small but by doing that for 20 days only, we can get around $10.

Since we going to surf net and facebook-ing anyway, why not make use of the time to earn some extra money? Beside earning money, there is another good thing to have Captcha.Trader. I will write about it in future.

To sign up, go to link below:

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