Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free sms or text service

Not only Chinese celebrate it, Korean, Vietnamese, Tibetan, and Mongolian also celebrate this New Year. Since it is based on Lunar Calendar, therefore it is called Lunar New Year, but still commonly known as Chinese New Year.

Usually during celebration such as Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year, most people will send sms/text to friends and relative to wish them, but in some countries sms/text is not cheap, especially if you need to send more than hundreds of them. Last time there was a few websites that provide free sms service, but not to all countries. Recently I found one that still providing this service. And it is really reliable after I tested a few times.

I found out this service from it's Android apps when I playing with BlueStacks. Introducing Pinger.

Sending a testing sms/text to my own phone. The sms/text appear in my HTC Elfin in a few seconds only, I am in Malaysia by the way.
Pinger on Oudated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

Pinger works iOS(iPhone/iPod/iPad) and Android:

Pinger also works with web browsers with Java support:

How it works?
For iOS and Android, install the apps from AppStore/Market.
For Windows/Linux, go directly to the website.

During registration, Pinger will ask for zip code. Give your actual zip code for US user. For international users, give a favorite zip code, usually I use 90210, very easy to remember. :P
After that, Pinger will give you a list of phone number for you to choose, pick wisely, because you cannot change it later. It will ask your permission to share with your facebook friends, you can skip by clicking "cancel".

Then you can start sending text. The number is based on International Direct Dial code.

For smartphone (iOS and Android), try to use wifi as much as possible.

Since it is free service, you will have to "enjoy" some advertisement.

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pinger logo source: pinger's twitter
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