Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Best Cloud Storage

This is not based on review reports that compiled from internet. This is my actual experience and I have all these accounts. I hilited winner for each item.

Clearly, I don't care about the paid services. There are so many free cloud service, why do we need to pay for it? Unless you really like a cloud service so much that you willing to pay for it. ADrive is the winner in this case, once you sign up, you get 50GB, no hassle, no need to like Facebook fanpage, no need to refer to your friends. Skydrive supposedly get the silver medal, but it reduced to 7GB after Google Drive debut, stingy Microsoft, boo! Congrats to those manage to get 25GB before it expired.

For second item, the total storage have I have on these cloud services, ADrive and Box.com are the winners. Box.com will offer free upgrade from time to time. iOS users was offered on 2011, and Android users was offered on beginning of 2012. What you need to do is install the mobile apps and sign up or login using the apps and you will get 50GB. There is no offer at the moment, except for certain brand of smartphone. Sugarsync can be a winner here as well, if you can refer Sugarsync to many people, and every free account being sign up, you will get additional 500MB. There is a famous blogger in Taiwan has over 100GB of storage on Sugarsync.

For upload file size limit, Pogoplug and Sugarsync are the winner, if the users are not limited by the browser and memory/RAM on the system users that using. This might be a catch here, if you are using lower end system, the upload limit might be less than 1G. I don't have the answer here, because I am using sandybridge with 4GB RAM. 115.com and ADrive clearly have stated 2GB is the file size limit, so they can be the winner as well.

Of all these cloud services, only ADrive does not have desktop client for free account. All the rest can sync using the desktop apps. 115.com and DBank only offer desktop client for Windows only, while mostly provide desktop client for both Windows and Mac. The winner in this category is Pogoplug because it also provide desktop client for Linux.

The winner on mobile apps category is Sugarsync, which includes Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and amazingly Windows Mobile (WinMo). WinMo is already an obsolete OS, but you still can upload files to Sugarsync from WinMo. Most of the cloud services have at least Android and iOS mobiles apps. Only ADrive does not have any mobile apps.

All cloud service allow syncing using desktop client or mobile apps, except ADrive.

All could service allow sharing. I remember there is one of them allow users to share within a limited time, however I can't remember which, I will update this when I find it.

Here is a table for the comparison, either you find one that is suitable for your usage, or like me just register with all of them. :P I have total of 170GB of cloud storage

Which Cloud SkyDrive Google Drive Box.com CX.com 115.com ADrive Pogoplug SugarSyncDBank
Storage, free acc 7GB (25GB if signed up before Apr 22, 2012) 5GB 5GB 10GB 15GB 50GB 5GB 5GB 5GB
Storage that I own 25GB 5GB 50GB (snatched during Android offers) 10GB 15GB 50GB 5GB 5GB 5GB
Upload file size limit 300MB 1GB 100MB 200MB 2GB 2GB No limit (limit by browser/local PC) No limit (limited by browser/local PC) 200MB
Desktop client? Win + Mac Win + Mac Win + Mac Win + Mac Win No (Only for paid service) Win + Mac + Linux Win + Mac Win
Mobile apps? WP + iOS [no official for Android] Android + iOS Android + iOS + BlackBerry Android + iOS Android + iOS + WP No Android + iOS Android + iOS + BlackBerry + Symbian + Windows Mobile! Android + iOS
Syncing? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Sharing? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Note - - - - In Chinese Only - - 1. Referral bonus [500MB/free, 10GB/paid]
2. Upload via email
In Chinese Only

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