Friday, May 25, 2012

Facebook Free Money?

Facebook is giving me free money. No bluffing, Facebook is really giving me free money.

I got this email from Facebook last night:
Facebook is giving me free money on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

Apparently it is because this blog's Facebook Page has reached 300 Likes last week. Facebook is offering me US$50, wow, that is about RM150. Not bad at all.

US$50 for Facebook is much much smaller than a peanut. With market capital at 70.62B (May 24, 2012), the money Facebook gave me is about 0.0000000007% from it's market capital.
Anyway, how often someone that is not working for Facebook getting money from Facebook? :P

Alright, I am going to use the free money to run ads on Facebook!

This blog's Facebook Page:

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