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RarmaRadio: Listen to the World

Since early 20th century (a.k.a 19xx) when the first Radio station started broadcasting as a source of information and entertainment, it never looks back. Radio stations nowadays not only have to compete with the TV stations (local/cable/satellite/etc), but also the internet. Even though radio is lack of a screen to see, but it is still a great source of entertainment and information whenever I drive or traveling on public transport. It is dangerous to watch a show on LCD screen when we are driving, so radio still the best choice. :P

Most of the radio stations nowadays have put up their websites and allow us to listen to them through the internet. The problem with that is some of the website required us to register with your email first before you can listen to the radio stream. Before you know it, you have tons of ads or spam mails in your inbox. Not to say the radio station spam you, but having too many emails in inbox is certainly not a good thing. There are a few software out there that can locate the radio stations easily and let us listen to the radio online without the need to register for each station. RarmaRadio is one of my favourite.

There are a few ways to navigate for the radio station, such as genres, network, region(a.k.a. country).

Picture below showing I am listening to JP Hip from Japan. RarmaRadio will show the logo of the radio station if it can find it. RarmaRadio will also shows the type of audio stream, which usually either mp3 or wma or aac. The Bitrate column is a good reference because if you are on slower network, the best to avoid those high Bitrate station. I tried some radio stations with Bitrate of 128k on TM Streamyx 1Mbps, and the result is very bad, the sounds keep on breaking up.
RarmaRadio on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

Picture below showing I am listening to EKR from UK. If the station support the song name/artist name, it will show in the box below.
RarmaRadio on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

One is the great feature of RarmaRadio is I can record the station with few options:
1. continuously with auto split song or no split (into one big music file)
2. record with timer
3. record current song only
RarmaRadio on Outdated Penang Uncle blogspot dot com

RarmaRadio did a good work to update the list as often as possible, if you find out a station you like to listen but it could not stream correctly, you can feedback to RarmaRadio.

The only disadvantage that I found on RarmaRadio is it will keep on streaming the station you listening to before you switch to another station, if you are on slow network, it will chock both station because RarmaRadio will continue stream the previous station. This feature is good only if you like to switch station very often. I would recommend to stop streaming first before switch to another station.

To download RarmaRadio, go to this link:

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