Saturday, May 12, 2012

Travel for Free (maybe)

Like to travel? Want to travel for free? Well, you can do that, only if you are beautiful. Read this, beautiful. Sorry guys, only for girls. There is no free lunch in this world however. There is a price you have to pay (not money in this case), but rather something else...... Sounds scary? is an online dating website. There are 2 groups of members, the first one is the "attractive" travelers which get the free travel. The second group is the "generous" travelers which will cover the travel cost of the "attractive" members, plus any others stuffs and also there is a need to pay a fee to the if you decided to communicate with any "attractive" travelers.

Here is a video made by the website to explain it in simple language:

Basically this is an online dating website. But the ultimate goal is to let "generous" travelers to have a company when travel, while "attractive" travelers get to full fill their wish of travel for free.

I get nothing by introducing this website. And I would advice to be extra care when using online dating services. The website put up some safety tips, therefore I would think they will not responsible to you when you use their service, since they already put it in terms and conditions:

For those dare to try, you can give it a try:

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