Friday, May 4, 2012

KM Wakeup that wake up computer

KM Wakeup. No, it is not related to KMPlayer, not at all. It is actually a software acts as an alarm and control when to turn on/off computer, play chosen sounds (alarm clock??) and run applications.

Actually it will not shutdown the computer completely, it will be standby mode. There is no way to get a software to wake up a computer from complete shutdown because the software depend on the OS and as long as the OS not booted yet, the software will not work. However if the computer in standby mode, the software should be able to wake up the computer.

KM Wakeup will works only with hardware and software that are ACPI/APM compatible, which mean Windows OS from Windows 98 onward (until Windows 7) should be able to handle it.Sorry Apple fanboys, no luck for you, again. :P

You can make the computer to wake up or put it to standby in all sort of frequency, including once, daily, which day, weekly, monthly and yearly. About yearly, who would want to wake up a computer once a year? :P

What I can think of the usage is if you have a personal computer at home which primary job is to download stuffs but you don't want it to be switch on all day long (to save some electricity and money), you can set it to turn on at specific time and launch the software (torrent, thunder, qvod, ppstream, pptv, whatever) and then put it to standby at another specific time.

To download KM Wakeup, go to

Opps... Forgot to mention, it is FREE! :D

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