Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding Free WiFi in Penang

Even though quite a lot of people subscribe to data plan or 3G/4G plan with their telco, there are even more people trying to stay out of it to reduce the phone bill cost. One of them is me, Penang Uncle. In my opinion, there is no need to always 'online' with data plan or 3G/4G plan, unless I am a VVIP and I need to check facebook/twitter/viper/whatsapp every minute. If I need to be on internet, I can easily find free wifi hotspot in many places.

Penang Government did a good job in recent years to work with private companies to enable as many as wifi hotspot all over Penang. But where are these wifi hotspots?

Check out this webpage to find the free wifi hotspots in Penang:

You might need to register before use the free wifi service with a valid email account. And speed is not guarantee. Even the free wifi I use at Japan (I went to Japan on Apr 2012) also don't have guarantee speed.

Enjoy your free wifi in Penang!

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chungyw said...

How do 1 register the free acc? i tried to register in redtone, but all is for acc with payment. no free acc

ahsiang said...

@chungyw, pls do not register at redtone, but register at penang free wifi. Whenever you try to connect to free wifi, choose the penang free wifi if possible. After that, when you open your web browser, it will divert to a registration website, that should be penang free wifi website.

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