Thursday, May 10, 2012

First View of Tizen - latest Mobile OS

Heard of Tizen? No, I have no idea which language it sounds like. Does not sounds like Chinese for sure. :)
It was created to replace Meego which being abandon by Nokia, then by Intel. So Intel work with Samsung for this Tizen. Rumors (not me) says that Tizen is to replace Bada, the mobile OS created by Samsung. Smartphone market is super dynamic market, what you making now, not necessary will be successful in one year down the road. But you can always depend on rumors to create the hype. Remember iPhone prototype always being left at some bar?

Anyway, this is a video of the reference design created by Samsung, the first ever working Tizen.

The hardware is some 1GHz CPU, but the video showing lack of fluidness with the interface, probably need more hard work on the coding. I hope Tizen would somehow create some stir to the current boring Mobile OS, such as iOS (yarn), Android (a mess), WP (becoming cheap brand), and BlackBerry (per-historic thingy?). :P

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source: youtube!

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