Thursday, May 31, 2012

Facebook Timeline Remover

Facebook Timeline, like it or hate it, it is here no matter what you think. While most of the Facebook users has been forced to change to Timeline, some still at older Facebook interface. I am lucky that my personal Facebook page still using old Facebook interface, while this blog's Facebook Page has been forced to change to Timeline not too soon after it was being setup.

TimeLineRemove is something you can try if you want to get rid of the TimeLine for now. What actually happen in background is timeline still being loaded, but TimeLineRemove change the look of the TimeLine to become old and good Facebook interface. So you can look at your friend's Facebook profile on old Facebook interface.

TimeLineRemove is available for FireFox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. All you need to do is go to it's website and install the add-on or extension (allow permission if needed), reload the Facebook and then you are on old and good Facebook interface.

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To disable Facebook TimeLine, visit this link and download the add-on/extension:

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